Tickle Torture Erotica

A short tickle torture fantasy for you to enjoy.

Naked, I tie you up tightly to my bed, your wrists and ankles tied in an X formation. I make sure it’s not so tight that you can’t move around. I want you to wiggle, struggle, squirm … and yet I command you to stay still. I do this because I know you will fail, and I want to punish you.

I use my fingers, feathers, and other soft things against your skin until I find your sweet spots. Systematically, I explore all of you until I know each place where my light touch will make you react: your ribs, the bottoms of your feet, the backs of your knees … I find them all and to my delight, you do squirm.

You try to wiggle away from my fingers and hide those sweet ticklish spots from me. But tied to my bed, you are powerless. There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. Each delicious place is known to me now and exposed.

At first, my punishment is more of the same. My fingers are relentless, the softest of evils.

Next, I make you confess things to me until you’re begging me to stop.

I know all of your secrets then, as well.

You’re even more exposed.

Graciously, I offer respite. I lay down on top of you, my weight holding you down. You couldn’t wiggle now if you tried. I alternate hot breath and cool air against your neck. I kneed your shoulders and scratch your chest with my fingernails. I want you to feel so many sensations, to keep your skin sensitized and craving that one specific thing again.

Straddling your waist, I tell you again not to squirm. Worse punishment is coming.

I start out in spots I know do nothing, inching my way across your skin, closer and closer to those vulnerable spots where you can’t help it but …


You failed, yet again. You tense up, waiting, expectantly.

I deny you now your sweet tickles.

Instead, I spit on you and slap your face and refuse release. I am cruel, you think. But you love it. You want me to keep punishing you until you cannot take it anymore.

When I begin tickling you again, I do not stop when you beg me to. I do not stop when you cum. I do not stop when tears are streaming down your face and you are laughing hysterically. I do not even stop when you pee and the warm liquid runs so embarrassingly down your thigh. I do not stop because this is torture after all.