I am a session girl available for private one-on-one boxing and other fetishes.


A varsity hammer thrower in college, I have maintained my love of all things physical: running, lifting weights, hiking and backpacking, among others. After getting my personal training certification, I taught aerobics for about a year before returning to grad school. That was when I started boxing. At first, I took private lessons and worked the heavy bag as a stress reliever. Then I joined a local gym and started sparring. I love the intensity and the rush of boxing.

I have no interest in competing. I’m more self-competitive than anything. It’s fun for me, and I want to make it fun for the people I session with.

Here are descriptions of my most common in-person offerings:

Semi-Competitive Boxing Match


Let’s spar!

My definition of semi-competitive is friendly sparring. We do 2 to 3 minute rounds, chat during and in-between to make sure both of us are having fun. We wear protective headgear unless we limit to body punches.

When I spar at my boxing gym, I tend to go about 60-80% with headgear. This is when there are other people around in case something goes wrong. In a private setting, I’m comfortable with 50-60% intensity. We both try to land decent punches without risking concussions or other injuries.

Basically, I try to shoot for the sweet spot where sparring feels intense, but not dangerous.

Fantasy Boxing Match

Do you enjoy the idea of boxing, but you’re not sure you really want to take a punch? In a fantasy boxing session, the focus is less on winning and more on enjoying the ambiance. Some people just love the feel and look of gloves more than the pain they can cause. These matches can combine bondage, sensory deprivation, role play and other domination-style services with boxing.

Additional Session-Style Offerings:

  • Muscle worship

  • Foot and/or armpit worship

  • Tickling

  • Fantasy wrestling, including scissoring and clothed face sitting.

  • Human punching bag and belly punches

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please email me and ask! Find my contact info, my rates and what to say when you email me.

Also see my frequently asked questions for more info.